Course Description

Learn how to approach your opt-in, email offer and webinar preparation in less than an hour.

Founder + CMO, J Powers Marketing & Publicity

Jasmine Powers

Jasmine Powers is a marketing consultant specializing in helping newer consultants and coaches develop their methodology so they can package and sell it online and at live events. After a decade operating a full service digital marketing agency managing branding, web design, content, ads, PR and event production for thought leaders, she is teaching others how to establish their businesses and prosper as subject matter experts selling what they know.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Master Training

    • From Popping Email List to Paid Programs

    • 3 Day Email Script

    • BONUS: 10 Email Sequence Builder

    • Webinar Outline Prep

  • 2


    • Creating An Opt In Offer In Less Than 20 Minutes (Active Campaign)

    • Easy Digital Worksheet or Ebook Creation

    • Creating Opt-in Landing Pages With 4 of My Favorite Tools (Group Training)

    • Intro To Clickfunnels

  • 3

    Automation Tutorials

    • Setting Up An Automation In Mailchimp (Using Previously Sent Email)

    • Setting Up An Automation In Active Campaign

    • Setting Up An Automation In Get Response

  • 4

    Marketing Your Webinar

    • How to Set Up Your Webinar in Webinar Ninja

    • 5 Ways To Get People On Your Webinar

  • 5

    What You'll Need - Tool List

    • Tool List

  • 6

    Selling More Expensive Products and Course

    • Intake & Discovery Masterclass