Course Description

Do your kids love art and want to start selling merchandise with their drawings on them?

In this course, young artists (and parents) learn how to create digital art, upload it to a print-on-demand site, and sell online! Ages: 5-12

CEO, Jasmine Powers Multimedia

Jasmine Powers

Jasmine Powers is the CEO of Jasmine Powers Multimedia, a full-service marketing and RevOps consultancy providing content marketing, revenue operations solutions, and training for SaaS companies, digital agencies, and nonprofits. After over 15 years operating a full-service digital marketing agency managing brand strategy, marketing, and operations for organizations, she is teaching founders and creators how to reach marketing and operational excellence and create an enterprise-level experience for customers.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome To Popping & Paid Kids Club

  • 2

    Let's Start With Your Art

    • Sketch Out Your Favorite Things

    • Download Sketchbook To Draw Your Picture

    • Introduction To Sketchbook

    • Creating Your Image-Fonts

    • Creating Your Image-Premade Art Elements

    • Creating Your Image-Digital Drawing

    • Creating Your Image-Putting It All Together

  • 3

    Parent Pro Tips: Digital Art Tool Options

    • Parent Pro Tip #1-Removing Backgrounds and Cropping

    • Parent Pro Tip #2-Creating In Adobe Illustrator For High Quality Images At Any Size

    • Goody Box

  • 4

    Starting Your Online Store

    • Create Products and Sell In Your New Online Store

    • Expand Your Selling Options

  • 5

    Marketing & Promotions

    • Promoting Your Store