Niche Riches

Niche Riches

Monetize Your Expertise Through Affiliate Programs, Your Own Products and Flipping Your Site | taught by Jasmine Powers
Jasmine Powers
Jasmine Powers
Founder + CMO, J Powers Marketing & Publicity

About the instructor

Jasmine Powers is a digital marketing expert  specializing in brand, marketing and sales strategy for professional service providers, ecommerce and elearning business owners. After a decade operating a full service agency managing branding, web design, content, ads, PR and event production, she is teaching others how to grow their business using digital marketing, advertising and sales strategy to establish thought leadership and increase revenue.

Want to monetize your content and maximize profits from increased traffic to your expert recommendations?

If you ever wanted to earn from affiliate and referral programs, this course is for you.

Learn how to identify the best programs and products for your niche, SEO basics to drive traffic to your site for increased earnings and how to flip your site for maximum profits!

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Course Contents

2 Videos
3 Texts
1 Download
5.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Intro: All About The SEO Baby
Quick Start: Amazon Affiliate Signup and Affiliate Marketing Basics
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