Course Description

CEO, Jasmine Powers Multimedia

Jasmine Powers

Jasmine Powers is the CEO of Jasmine Powers Multimedia, a full-service marketing and RevOps consultancy providing content marketing, revenue operations solutions, and training for SaaS companies, digital agencies, and nonprofits. After over 15 years operating a full-service digital marketing agency managing brand strategy, marketing, and operations for organizations, she is teaching founders and creators how to reach marketing and operational excellence and create an enterprise-level experience for customers.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    New Chapter

    • Welcome To Twitter

    • Basic Twitter Account Optimization

    • Fun Social Engagement

    • Hashtags and Finding Conversations To Engage

    • Search Feature and Finding Leads

    • Direct Messages and Sales Conversations

    • How To Create & Moderate A Tweetchat

    • How To Archive Your Tweetchat

    • How To Create Really Great Landing Pages

    • Twitter Ads and Conclusion