Course Description

You have an awesome course but need a way to market it effectively and drive leads.

In this course, you will learn how to create a simple webinar funnel to attract leads, build confidence in your buyers, and direct them to your course.

CEO, Jasmine Powers Multimedia

Jasmine Powers

Jasmine Powers is the CEO of Jasmine Powers Multimedia, a full-service marketing and RevOps consultancy providing content marketing, revenue operations solutions, and training for SaaS companies, digital agencies, and nonprofits. After over 15 years operating a full-service digital marketing agency managing brand strategy, marketing, and operations for organizations, she is teaching founders and creators how to reach marketing and operational excellence and create an enterprise-level experience for customers.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Master Training

    • From Popping Email List to Paid Programs

    • 3 Day Email Script

    • BONUS: 10 Email Sequence Builder

    • Webinar Outline Prep

  • 2

    Marketing Your Webinar

    • How to Set Up Your Webinar in Webinar Ninja

    • 5 Ways To Get People On Your Webinar

  • 3

    What You'll Need - Tool List

    • Tool List

  • 4

    Selling More Expensive Products and Course

    • Intake & Discovery Masterclass